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Patrick Coppolino stepped foot on his first stage at the age of 19 years old in Hamilton, Ontario, where he calls home, at a Yuk Yuk’s Amateur Night. Overwhelmed with the rush of performing, Patrick ambitiously decided to walk the path of a standup comedian. Since then, Patrick has honed his craft with an honest, no holds barred routine, sharing stories of the best and worst moments in his life, including the glories & pitfalls of being a young, single parent. It’s evident in his act, which has audiences laughing all across North America, that ’embarrassment’ is not in Patrick’s vocabulary.

Patrick has been opening for Tom Green (MTV, Freddy Got Fingered) on his world tour since 2013. He has also opened for the likes of Gilbert Gottfried (Comedy Central), Ari Shaffir (HBO, Comedy Central), Brian Posehn (The Sarah Silverman Program), Neil Hamburger (Comedy Central), and more!

Patrick has also appeared on MTV’s ‘Losing It’, Ari Shaffir’s ‘Skeptic Tank’ Podcast & SiusXM’s AltDOT Comedy Lounge